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Pour it on!

When you pour that delicious Happy Camper Maple Syrup on your pancakes or waffles, you just know you're getting the best and that it's made with love!

Yvonne :)


Whether you have Happy Camper Maple Syrup poured over pancakes, drizzled over waffles, sliding down ice cream or straight off the end of your finger... it is by far, THE BEST! And it's homemade right here in Ontario.


"Keeps camp spirit alive"

Happy Camper Maple Syrup is extremely tasty AND it keeps the camp spirit alive through the off season.


Love in every batch

Happy Camper Maple Syrup is so amazing that it was the gift I chose to give everyone who came to my wedding! After years of bottling it, and knowing the love that goes into every batch, it was a no-brainer.



Magic stuff! You must try some!


What makes us Happy Campers

Our goal is to provide a product that contributes to positive and productive lifestyles. With the sale of each bottle of Happy Camper Maple Syrup, $2 of the sale goes to support opportunities for children to experience summer camp. Through partnerships with Kids In Camp and the Gyori Foundation, Happy Camper is more than just maple syrup.

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